How should i space out my classes?

<p>The ap classes i still have to take are bio,chem,APES,physics AB and BC,calc, world history, and us gov and politics. How should i space them out. i was thinking
Out of those classes, which should i self study my sophmore year ( im currently taking psych and euro), which should i take or self study my junior year, and which should i take my senior year. I want to get the national ap scholar award. btw is this award that great? Is it worth the time/money for self studying?</p>

<p>Sophomore: APES</p>

<p>Junior: World, AB Calc, Bio.</p>

<p>Senior: US Gov't, BC Calc, Physics.</p>

<p>That wouldnt get me to the nation ap scholar award. Also im in algebra 2 right now and im a sophmore.</p>

<p>Judging by the list, I am assuming that math and science are your strengths. The courses you self-study for and the courses you take depend on:
1. Your level of confidence (do you feel like you can self-study and score well, or do you think you would need someone to teach you in order to do well on the exam?)
2. The courses that your high school offers</p>

<p>Also, make sure you take a good amount of AP courses. Colleges like to see that you pursued a "vigorous high school curriculum."</p>

<p>This is what I would suggest. Please note that I have not taken a lot of these courses...I am basing everything on what I've heard and seen.</p>

Currently taking: AP Psych, AP Euro
Self-study: Bio and ES</p>

Take: AP Chem, AP World
Self-study: US Gov.</p>

Take: Calc AB, AP Physics</p>

<p>Unfortunately, unless you take a trig. class this coming summer there is no way you can go into Calc BC.</p>

<p>I'm not sure if National AP Scholar is "that great." But it sounds like something colleges would like; on the Common App they have a whole section where you can put down any awards or honors you have won. I think it would boost your app. However, in order to put this on your app you would have to have won it by the time you enter your senior year. Therefore, you should probably self-study for a couple more AP exams this year and next. Might I suggest self-studying some AP exams not on your list, such as AP Micro, AP Macro, or AP Geo? They're supposed to be some of the easier exams, meaning you would still have time to focus on the harder ones on the list.</p>

<p>I don't think macro and micro is offered at my school.can I still self study and take the exams in my school? Are these 2 semester classes?</p>

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<p>Yeah you can self study them then take the exam at any nearby high school that offers the test. You can look up the locations where it is offered on college board's website</p>