How should I spend Summer 2022?

I joined two learning communities at my community college. One is called the Humanities Mellon Scholars, and the other is called the Honors Institute Changemakers. Because of this, I had to take a counseling class as a corequisite to my initial English class in the Fall, and I must take a humanities class every Fall, Winter, and Spring quarter. I’m a Political Science major, so I’ve used ASSIST to determine that my major prep courses are 1) American Politics, 2) Comparative Politics, 3) Western Civilization, 4) Political Theory, and 5) Statistics. I mostly take only three courses a quarter, so when Summer 2022 starts I’ll have completed three humanities classes, two English classes, American Politics, Comparative Politics, Statistics, my counseling class, and a 1 unit class on navigating community college (recommended for EOPS/CARE students).

I also participate in a program called Power 2 the Transfer Webinars (P2TT-W) through UCLA, so I will be given priority for the 2022-2023 cohort of another program (called Summer Intensive Transfer Experience Plus, or SITE+).

This upcoming summer, if I take my remaining major prep courses (Western Civilization and Political Theory), I’ll be able to apply in Fall 2022 with all my major prep complete as well as the English and Math sections on my IGETC.

If I instead decide to participate in SITE+, those remaining major prep courses will be taken in Fall 2022 and only be in progress at the time I apply for transfer.

I can’t do both, because SITE+ is not asynchronous and will likely have time conflicts with my proposed summer courses.

If major prep courses are “in progress” instead of “completed,” would I be as competitive of a UC applicant?

Is the guidance I’d receive from SITE+ worth giving up taking those two classes?

I don’t know about those specific programs, hopefully you’ll get replies from people that do. But there are 3 programs I want to make sure you’re aware of so you can consider participating if you aren’t already. The first is TAG, which lets you get guaranteed admission to one of 6 UC campuses (unfortunately not Cal or UCLA). The 2nd is TAP at UCLA which gives a boost in admission chances - see and look to see if your CC participates. And the third is TAP at Cal which is at

Thanks for the reply! I only recently heard of Berkeley’s TAP. I have a virtual meeting at the end of this month with a representative to apply. I am taking honors courses so I can have a TAP application for UCLA. And I was considering TAG for UCSB, although they have more major prep courses than I’ll have completed before applying.

Do you know if an applicant is just as competitive if their major prep courses are “in progress” instead of “completed”? At least, at the time of applying?

@ucbalumnus @Gumbymom Sorry for bothering you, but do you have any insight? For a Letters & Sciences major like Political Science, should major prep courses be completed as soon as possible, or is it just as good to have them completed in the fall prior to transfer?

Completing major prep prior to submitting your UC application is an advantage regardless of major.

Shoot. Okay. Classes this summer it is.

It really depends upon which UC’s you are targeting. The more competitive UC’s like UCLA and UCB would prefer you complete major prep at time of application in the Fall but you also submit your TAU in January for the Fall classes. Your UC Transfer GPA will be determined at time of application regardless of what you submit on your TAU. You will not be penalized for taking major prep courses in Winter/Spring but like I stated, having them completed earlier can be an advantage.