How similar is AP Bio to SAT II Bio and AP Chemistry to SAT II Chem?

ALSO: WHEN HAVE THE TESTS CHANGED? (I bought prep books for these subjects copyright 2013–has there been changes to the tests since?)

Thanks for your help!!

Not similar at all. AP, as a college level class, covers fewer topics in greater depth than the Subject Test tests

The test prep books that hit bookstores in January 2020 were no longer much use by the May 2020 tests… because the tests went online and were no longer multiple choice. Since we don’t know what the 2021 tests are going to look like yet, I would not plan to rely on those old books entirely.

You don’t have to spend money on new books either, though. I wouldn’t - at least until you know how the 2021 tests will be run. College Board put out free online prep seminars with practice questions last April and early May. That and doing well in the class was probably the closest-to-the-actual-test help available.

Specifically, SAT II Chem includes introductory organic chem, radioactive decay, colors of solutions, flames, gases, and other miscellaneous topics.

Format is biggest difference. The SAT 2 Chemistry is only about an hour for 85 multiple choices questions whereas the AP is three hours and fifteen minutes for multiple choices and Free Response questions.

I don’t think the subject tests are similar at all to the APs. An example, one of our kids got a 5 on AP bio, didn’t study at all for the subject test and got somewhere in the 600s. Had to retake it after studying.