How slim is my chance of being accepted to Yale RD?

<p>Honestly, how slim is my chance of being accepted to Yale? I'm in love with the school (along with others) and it is my #1 choice. I know that it's a reach, but how big is the reach exactly? I will aply RD so that Yale adcoms can see my continuation of stellar grades in my senior year.</p>

<p>Potential Majors: Environmental Policy, Environmental Studies, Journalism</p>

<p>White, Female, No hooks, Public for freshman + sophomore years, Very competitive (Ivy 'feeder') private school for last 2 years</p>

<p>Average GPA: Between 90 and 91%
Unranked, but the highest UW GPA in my graduating class is 94%.</p>

<p>I was completely clueless about the college admissions process up until the end of my sophomore year. I knew nothing about SAT's, ACT, APs, competitions, and the like which is why I didn't pursue any of these things until my junior year.</p>

<p>I know this seems like a lame excuse, but I can assure you that my Bs were not a result of laziness. My big group of friends and I split in my freshman year for we had very different goals. I grew depressed from a lack of friends, incessant verbal abuse/teasing by ex-friends, and family-related drama. I suffered from depression for 2 years. I learned how to focus on my schoolwork and ignore the family drama in my junior year. Plus, I finally met peers who I could relate to.</p>

<p>Freshman: Note: My parents and GC discouraged me from taking too many Honors courses. I was a dumb freshman and so I followed their advice, thinking they knew best... UGH. This led to being behind in math and science until my senior year. During my freshman summer, I tried desperately to take Biology and Geometry but my school would not accept credit from ANYWHERE. I fought even harder to take Chem and Alg. II in my sophomore summer, but again, to no avail.
Ancient World H- B+
English 9H- B+
Algebra 1- A-
Physical Science- B
Spanish 2- A
Fashion and Design- B+</p>

<p>Sophomore: Note: APs were not offered to sophomores at my school.
English 10H- A-
H Modern World/H Civics- B+/B+
Geometry H- B+
Biology H- B+
Spanish 3H- B+
Speech (Public Speaking)/Contemporary Issues- A-/A</p>

<p>Junior: Note: AP English isn't offered to juniors at my school. I would have otherwise taken the class.
AP Enviro- A
English 11H- A
Spanish 4H- A
Chemistry H- A
Algebra IIH- A-
Photography 1- A
Poetry & Playwriting/Astronomy- A/A</p>

<p>LOL Projected Senior:
AP Modern European History- A
AP Spanish- A
AP English- A
AP Biology- A
Independent Study in the Sciences
Bioethics/Black Gold - Oil- A/A
Photography 2- A
Composing & Arranging- A</p>

<p>ACT: 35
SAT II: Biology: 800, Literature: 800, Spanish: 780, World History: 770
APs: Environmental Science: 5, U.S History: 5, Psychology (self-study): 5, English Language (self-study): 4</p>

<p>ECs: I LOOOOVE my extracurricular activities. I'm so, so passionate about writing and environmental policy/activism. I also adore photography, theater, traveling, history, and working with children.
-I write for about 2 hours/day for fun. I have published an award-winning children's book. I also won two National Gold Scholastic Awards and a State Young Writers Award. I was published in Scholastic's annual anthology "Best Teen Writers of 2010" I will be submitting a writing portfolio to the Scholastic Comp. this year. I am Short Story Editor for my school's Literary Magazine (meetings take place during school)
-I do media relations and outreach for a sustainability-focused NGO run by and for youth ages 13-26. I am a national and international young delegate for environmental policy...I've attended and spoken at the U.N's Commission on Sustainable Development, the Convention on Biological Diversity in Japan, Mexico and Denmark and will be a delegate at the Rio Earth Summit 2012. I am Founder and Chair of a youth environmental activism group connected to the city government. Meetings take place 1x/week, more when we’re close to an event. I'm currently expanding the group to cover my entire county. I created a composting program utilized by all district schools and parks. I visit these schools often to garden and compost with the kids. I'm Green Team Leader next year. This year, I helped lead the Team to victory in the Green Cup Challenge and placed 2nd in the Siemens National Sustainability Challenge. Club meetings take place in school
-I've been into photography since I was about 12 years old. My favorite subjects are youth. I have earned national recognition and had my work featured at a couple of galleries.
-I tutor low-income kids 2x/week.
-This will be my 6th year dancing ballet and 3rd year studying guitar.
-I take kickboxing in the winter after school and perform in the spring musical (Required)</p>

<p>This summer, I did marine biology research with a scientist for 3 weeks and I'm currently finishing up a Precalculus course (I have an 'A'!)</p>

<p>Next year, I'm doing an independent study in school with my environmental science teacher/mentor.</p>


<p>I totally agree.</p>

<p>When 8 different accounts isn't enough to gage your chances, make a 9th.</p>

<p>What the hell?</p>

<p>Oh, and I think you meant 'gauge'.</p>

<p>You have a chance. Now go and apply.</p>

<p>How about you make another chance thread? Maybe that'll do it</p>

How about you make another chance thread? Maybe that'll do it


<p>LOL. Win.</p>

<p>Thanks, T26E4.</p>