How soon after I apply to a college should I send in my transcripts?

<p>I'm attending a community college now and I'll be graduating this May. I'm almost finished filling out applications and I was wondering how soon I should send my transcripts in. I'd like to send in my applications soon, but I won't be able to send my transcripts in until after winter break. Would it be better to wait until after I get back to school to send in my applications?</p>

<p>Also, I have two transcripts. One from my current college and one from another college I went to my freshman year. My current college has both my transcripts, but do I need my previous college to send that transcript separately?</p>

<p>Just submit your application now so they will have all your main information and then once your school is back open after break then go ahead and submit your transcripts then. They don't fully look at applications until they have all the transcripts in anyway.</p>