How "Southern" is Clemson

<p>Daughter wants to take a look at some schools outside the Northeast. Just wondering, for an OOS (NJ) student, is there a distinct southern vibe at Clemson that an OOS kid might pick up on? Overlooked at sorority rush time, perhaps? And as compared to C of C, or USC-more or less of a vibe? </p>

<p>My daughter is looking for an El Ed program, so she'll have to do field work/student teaching in surrounding communities. </p>

<p>(No disrespect intended by this thread, btw! I am curious and thought I'd delve into it because I'm from PA and worked in Fredericksburg,VA for a while. First day on the job I walked into the office and was greeted by a HUGE Confederate flag...I was definitely known as the "Northerner", and made to feel bad that the few facts I could recite from the Civil War I learned in 9th gr. Civics class, and on a trip to Gettysburg LOL.)</p>

<p>An honest answer by current students would be much appreciated!! Yes, each school will have it's own vibe, somewhat based on location. I just want to make sure there would be a "fit" possible before we plan the trip South to look. Thanks!</p>

<p>There are some rednecks and racists on campus but they are definitely a small minority and for the most part, being from Massachusetts hasn't been a problem for me. I don't think you will get the same "southern" vibe as you will with C of C or USC, no more and no less. Greek Life is a big thing in the south (statistically only 20% of clemson is in greek life but it feels a lot more). You'll really have to come visit these schools to determine if the vibe is for you.</p>

<p>The typical student is probably conservative, christian, white, on the preppy side of things (people in greek life dress up but other people not so much). Diversity as with most schools in the south is a problem.</p>

<p>As a lifelong northerner, I can also attest that Southerners (at least those I've encountered in the Clemson region) are super helpful and friendly! Coming from a region where if someone goes out of their way to be nice you wonder what they want from you, it is refreshing to see that the classic southern hospitality is the norm. :)</p>

<p>That is great to hear...thanks for your input!!</p>

<p>Hi. My son is interested in Clemson University. However, I am still very concerned about the belief that clemson is a "suitcase" school and there are a lot of commuters during the week by students who live nearby. We live in New York, so I don't want my son to feel alone on weekends whenever everyone else has commuted home. How many undergraduate students would you say live near Clemson/ commute? In other words, how many undergraduate students do you think drive to clemson to take classes but don't live in any campus housing and instead live at home? Is there a considerable amount of people that commute? How much less dense does the population of students seem to be on weekends that aren't during football season?</p>

<p>I'm from Massachusetts. Everybody lives in Clemson either on-campus or at a off-campus apartment not far away. Freshman are required to live on-campus but most people move off campus after sophomore year if not freshman year. I don't think people live at home. That is very rare. People just simply live off campus because there are far fewer restrictions there as compared to on-campus (if you know what I mean). Off-campus housing is very accessible. The bus system in Clemson is free and goes to many of the off-campus apartments so getting to campus is easy. Most people stay on campus during the weekends. I don't know how many but there are definitely people here. Everyone definitely leaves during breaks though.</p>

<p>Ok thank you!</p>