How strict are MCAT matriculation requirements for BS/MD Programs?

Hi! I know many BS/MD programs have a minimum MCAT score for matriculation to medical school. The website states that if students do not meet the minimum score, matriculation to med school is subject to decision by school officials, counselors, etc. How strict are the required MCAT scores? The required scores seem a bit high for some schools (Wash U is 97th percentile), which is what worries me.


I would view the published MCAT and GPA requirements to move on to the med school piece as just that…requirements.

While it’s likely there have been circumstances at any given school that allowed a student who didn’t meet the requirements to move on, one can not count on that.

Any student with med school desires should have alternative plans, should a med school acceptance not happen.

I think they are pretty strict. At least that’s what it says in their documents.

These are strict GPA/MCAT requirements. Why should there be any different rules for BS/MD program ? FYI, WUSTL bsmd program has been discontinued since this year.