How strict?

<p>With the somewhat new debate on lowering the drinking age across the country, how strict is your school when it comes to underage drinking? Also what is the minimum age to ENTER the bars. I'm from U of I and its only 19 to enter bars and police usually only bust drunk people and parties when they really start to be rowdy.</p>

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<p>Here most of the bars are 21+ but they'll have one night a week where it's 18 or 19 to get in (depending on the bar, it's 18 at some, 19 at others). Usually on Wednesday or Thursday. Some bars aren't really strict and don't really care how old you are if you are just like, "hey I'm underage, X me" and then they'll let you in. I'm 19 and gotten into a few 21+ bars like this. ALOOOOOT of people have fake IDs too. I (unfortunately) do not.
As for police, since we're in a small town, the police basically live to break up parties. I've been to many a party where the music wasn't very loud and the police still came to break it up for "noise complaints" (really they probably just drove by and saw lots of people standing around). The police here are basically jerks with nothing better to do.</p>

<p>I think you can get into a bar when you're 18 here. I haven't actually done it yet though. in my home state you have to be 21 to even go in.</p>

<p>Rice has two on-campus pubs, both of which let in 18+ (probably even younger, actually; we're not that strict). The campus has a very lenient alcohol policy, with a number of barriers set in place so that overly-rowdy parties are taken care of students before the campus police.</p>