How strong are my ECs?

I been hearing a-lot about extracurricululars and what colleges love to see in a student. So, I want to know how strong my ECs and where you all think I should apply. Assume all my grades and scores are sufficient, my recommendations are excellent(or so my teachers tell me), and my essays are strong.

I have played piano for 13 years and perform for my school’s conservatory(private school) and monthly for local recitals and church performance. I also happen to be chosen out of 800 musicians in my school to perform at the annual Honors Musician’s Scholarship Competition. Other than that, there is not much to be noted.

I am/was a member of my school’s marching band, symphonic chorale, and performing indoor ensemble. We would travel multiple times during the year around the US and perform in world competitions. Practice was usually 3-12 hours a day.

I have attended a 2 week internship at Tec de Monterrey School of Medicine in Mexico during my summer where I was able to absorb the culture of mexican medicine and work hand-on procedures with a dozen doctors and multiple hospitals. This includes working procedures such as cast creation, wound management, witnessing and assisting in natural/C-Section births and getting one-on-one or four-on-one lessons from doctors about all kinds of professional medical advice. I was able to help a pediatrician dry and cut the umbilical cord of the baby, heal a cut wound, make and place multiple casts on broken limbs, work with surgeons, and observe a live surgery in the same room. This was a paid internship and a abroad program in Mexico. I live in the US.

I founded a collaborative website with a team of 30+ students(2 founders, 2 secretaries, and multiple officers) that has been incorporated into our school’s curriculum. This started as a small idea and grew into a large network that plays a role in assisting students in AP Classes and promoting collaboration over competition. This network that I created was made to address certain educational issues such as the lost of tips and tricks between one class and another after one graduates. Our network provides quizzes and additional materials that helps students work and perceive a class through the lens of a outstanding student who has received a A or a 5 on their perspective AP Class. We were able to present this network to our school’s department heads, deans, and some board members, and integrate it directly into our school’s website and class resources. Our network was approved and has manifested into a large club that meets every week to discuss future plans. The system was created to allow the editors to review, students to have a free resource integrated with the curriculum, and teachers have a extra resource for their students to access with a higher chance of success on any test. We are currently attempting to spread our website across multiple high schools. Our network offers over 13+ 2 Semester AP Classes Information/Study Material, A team of 30+ students (2 valedictorians/salutatorians), and we receive over half a thousand views a day. I am the Vice-President of our network club. Our network was founded on December 2017.

No one can tell you where to apply based on your ECs. Grades and scores “sufficient” for what?

You have a point XD. 4.45 Weighted, 3.87 Unweighted, 32 ACT and 33 ACT Superscored. Im assuming my recommendations are excellent and my essays are strong.

Intended major? Budget? What kind of campus are you looking for? Small or large? Private or Public? Greek life or not? LAC or university? There are hundreds and hundreds of schools where you could be admitted. You need to narrow it down some.

I plan to major in philosophy and medicine. Any campus with good reputation and resources are my goal. A campus with a relatively small-medium size undergrad population, private is preferred, and university. I am a first gen student so in also hoping they provide good abroad programs and handsome scholarships. I have always loved questioning science and researching medicine in my free time. You could say I have a life passion for medicine. With that in mind, what do you think?

St. Olaf would be a good match - solid premed programs and excellent music opportunities. They are also generous with aid.

Case Western, Bucknell, U. of Rochester also may fit your criteria.

Generally speaking, your in-state options will be the most budget friendly.