How strong are my EC's??

I want to try for some ivy league schools and some other top schools but due to being low income and not having a sold transportation to and from school I was unable to do a lot of EC’d or stay dedicated to them for more then a year or so. So, Im wondering if they will help at all or if I can reword them at all. Here they are:

Co Founder and Admin/consultant for an online club (2 years): Club for students to ask questions about anything school related (going into highschool/college), about classes, and about life in general while being a teen/student. I posted polls on what people would like advice on, posted blogs, oversaw a public chat room, and would do one-on-one work for people with questions about their personal situations. Through this I sharpened skills of organizing, interacting with multiple levels of people within a community, enforcing rules, and communication with people of different backgrounds, age groups, and situations.
proofreader/editor (4 years): Combined my love of reading and english skills to edit/proofread books in progress/books to be published online. I would reach out to authors of which their past books I have enjoyed and provide my services to them and even had some people asking if I could help them with their books. This allowed me to see how a novel can come together, the dedication it takes from each person working on the novel, and an opportunity to expand my english skills.
Assistant, Service Dog Trainer (6 years): Assisted a professional dog trainer (for therapy and service dogs) with setting up distractions/other class materials, holding dogs or walking them through trials, and providing materials as she is teaching. Assisting her provided a way for me to learn about different disabilities, service/therapy dogs, and how they both interact in stores, schools, and everyday activities.
Teachers Assistant, Art Class for Elementary Students (1 year): Would help wash their hands, cut and gather materials, explain instructions, and keep students on track.
Teachers Assistant, Freshman English Class (1 year): Aided in grading, organizing materials/papers, and maintaining the classroom.
Certified Nursing Aid (started working in february but had to stop due to covid around june so only about 5 months): Was in charge of an average of 17 residents. I performed manual and machine transfers, catheter, hospice, and oral/oxygen care. I was in charge of ADL’s, repositioning residents, stocking materials, monitoring and recording vitals, and maintaining a safe and sanitary space for each resident. This job is very physically and mentally draining, but it is one of the most rewarding things I have ever done. Experiencing how a single person can impact someone’s entire life put me in a new perspective. I learned how simple words like “thank you” can provide you with a sense of purpose and a big boost of serotonin. I have always been a reader, and after hearing all kinds of amazing stories about my residents’ lives I realized that there are story’s worth finding beyond paper or a page behind a screen.
Secretary, Key Club (1 year): In charge of taking notes during all meetings, researching club activities, keeping track of all members hours, completing paperwork, supervising and aiding the other officers and members of the club. Being secretary allowed me to fill a leadership position that also includes developing communication with peers and how to assist others so that it is beneficial to both parties.
I have a lot of volunteer activities (worked at a ranch, painted preschool mural with class, would help clean the school, helped set up for homecoming (3 years), made dog toys for shelter out of old t-shirts, after-school theater painting and supervising volunteer/TA, sign language group signing events, volunteered at cancer events serving food, worked at school bookstore, sold bracelets with my key club members for funding for students in third world countries education). I have fostered service dogs and shelter dogs in between homes but idk if that counts for anything. I am in my high school’s NHS and I am in Phi Theta Kappa. This semester (im a senior btw) I am planning to do another online type project for my school but I am still working everything out. I really just don’t know what I can go with and what I shouldn’t put down and im not getting much help from school haha

Sorry I posted this from my phone so it is in a bit of a “laundry list” style

Those are great, show uniqueness and lots of other things. Make sure you clean them up to read easily.

Pretty strong! Perhaps could look into doing some independent research or starting your own initiative