How strong is Temple Engineering?

My top two schools are Pitt and Temple and I was accepted for engineering. I love Temple’s location in Philly and the diversity of the student body, but overall I think Pitt’s academics, esp engineering program is stronger. Any advice about Temple Engineering? I also got accepted to the honors program if it matters.

I would agree that Pitt has a higher ranked engineering program, but S21 has chosen Temple Engineering over Pitt Engineering (and UDel and Drexel Engineering) because he prefers Temple overall. From what I understand, as long as a school is ABET accredited, you should be OK. Also, we did an in-person tour of Temple Engineering a little over a week ago. We like that it is a smaller program in a larger school (about half the size of the other engineering programs) and it appears to be easier to get research opportunities if that is of interest to you. Also, students can study engineering in Rome in sophomore year at Temple’s Rome campus if that is of interest. Temple Honors is great and offers a lot of perks - you should definitely consider it! Good luck on your decision.

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My D17 is finishing up her senior year in Temple Engineering. She and her friends have had great internships, interesting on-campus TA and research opportunities, and all 5 people on her senior design team have either great jobs lined up after May – or for the ones continuing to grad school, have multiple graduate school acceptances, including to top 10 engineering schools in the country.

Temple Honors has great perks. Priority class registration is golden, dedicated honors advising is really nice and accessible, and the honors lounge will become a second home once we enter post-COVIDian times and it’s opened up again. Freshman honors housing is in the 1300 dorm, which is really nice, suite-based housing and a good location on campus. Temple Honors also guarantees four-year housing is a plus if you want to stay in on-campus housing as well.

Temple has a north/central Philly vibe that’s hard to beat.