How Strong of an Applicant Would I Be?

<p>Hi I've never posted on here before so I apologize if I'm going about this the wrong way. I'm a junior in high school with a relatively rigorous schedule thus far:
-Algebra II
-Academic English (only freshman year a waste of time and a mistake)
-Honors Bio
-Honors US History (2 years)
-Honors World Lit. (1 year)
-Honors Geometry (1 year)
-AP Environmental Science
-AP Government and Politics
-AP Language/Composition
-French (since 7th grade)
And planned for senior year so far:
-Honors Physics
-Honors Calculus
-AP English Lit.
-AP Statistics
-Either AP French or Applied Science
-Marching/Symphonic Band Major (4 years)</p>

<p>My PSAT scores were alright with a 183 and I'm hoping to get around a 1950 on the SATs I took for the first time October 5th</p>

<p>I've also worked as a busser since December of last year</p>

<p>My concern for college is that I don't have any volunteer work (I'm working on that this year) and all of my extracurricular activities are music related. I was wondering if this was a problem because I am in a lot of different musical groups which I am guaranteed a spot in for the rest of my high school career:
-Marching Band (4 yrs section leader for 2 yrs)
-Concert Band (4 yrs)
-Wind Ensemble (4 yrs)
-Jazz Band (3 yrs 1st trombone)
-School Musical (1 year so far, hopefully 3 by senior year)
-Men's choir (2 yrs)
-Concert Choir (joining in the spring)</p>

<p>Would any of these ECs look good to a college even if I plan on majoring in EE?
Also, my band director went to Carnegie Mellon, Northwestern, and also has creds from Stanford so would a letter of rec be good from him even though he was a music major?</p>