How successful were your copynpaste papers to different classes?

<p>Basically, i typed this paper regarding women's involvement with law enforcement and marriage over the past 200 years and earned an A in my history class. I had to write a paper for my english1a class about interviewing anyone so was able to use that same paper again. This time i'm trying to use it for my polisci class buuuut i feel kinda uneasy because i feel like the paper is kinda tooo historical and not really relevant to political aspect. the paper is flawless in terms of grammer and whatnot. im 3 sources shy from the minimum 10 sources requirement. my professor is semi chill buuuuuut this is the final paper and mosdef his attitude will change.
UHHHHHHHHHHHH I HOPE EARN AT LEAST A C+ OR B becus the topic isn't really relevant....</p>

<p>question is : How successful were your copynpaste papers to different classes?</p>

<p>While I am lazy, I haven't resorted to straight out copy/pasting papers.
it's academic dishonesty and can get you expelled.</p>

<p>here is an idea, ask the prof if you can base your essay off a past work, edit as necessary.</p>

<p>my prof once told a story similar to this, a student turned in an old paper of his and got expelled because he plagiarized his own paper. don't do it. yes like xelink said.. try to ask if you can base your new essay off of your old one but make it different.</p>

<p>what the eff. plagiarizing your own material ?? </p>

<p>i'm emailing my professor right now but thanks again for the advice.</p>

<p>Well Im not gonna lie, theres ways to easily pull this off. I wrote a 10 page paper about France's nuclear policy for a honor's seminar class in CC. Keep in mind only about 12 kids in this seminar and the teacher was some grad student from a local university. We turned in our papers by hand and she didnt keep it.</p>

<p>The following year I took a summer school class at UCB and we were supposed to write about a current issue that our country believes is kinda taboo but mostly because of misinformation and not personal beliefs. Boom, put in my 10 page paper about Frances nuclear policy (had about 4 pages worth comparing it to USA's). Got an A. No questions asked.</p>

<p>Yep. Self plagiarism is the funniest plagiarism of them all. Some professors DON'T care but some do. I was told that I could turn in the same paper for a different class. I never did it but thought the idea was cool. When I took a research class I found out that you can NOT turn in an old paper from a different class even though it is your own. Believe it or not it could be a grounds for expulsion AND I believe an expulsion from one UC is like an expulsion from ALL UCs. It all depends on the instructor IMO. I also wonder "How would they even know?"</p>

<p>BUT I think it's better to not take a chance. . .</p>

<p>yeahhhhhh so i emailed my prof and basically it won't work out. im going to be doing a month's worth of work in 1 day! fml.</p>

<p>I was under the impression that you can't self plagiarize. To plagiarize is to copy someone else's work. As far as I know your allowed to reuse your own papers at my community college, but what are the chances that you get the same topic once again?</p>

<p>edit: nvm your allowed to reuse whole papers but not portions from papers. yea... don't self plagiarize!!! you can get expelled.</p>

<p>lol i am guilty of this self-plagiarism thing.</p>

<p>hahahahaha so funny, i didnt know you can self-plagiarize....</p>

<p>it was only once anyways...didnt get was a long ass time ago...i never did it again...i was just in a rush and know...looked up some old paper of mine with some brilliant shiz on it. copy n' pasted that shiz....on a research paper... got an A...blah blah blah.</p>

<p>Well....... do personal statements count? HAHA. Kind of. Sort of...</p>

<p>Nujabes29 (nice name btw), I'm curious as to how you phrased your request to the professor (if you wouldn't mind sharing).</p>

<p>Anyone else think it's wayyy jacked up that you can plagirize yourself?</p>

the idea itself is helluHHHhh bs!! lol</p>


<p>here's the gist of the message.</p>

<p>mkay, i'm not sure if the paper im writing is entirely acceptable. i kinda feel like i went too much into historical aspects.</p>

<p>and the prof wrote back
You keep changing topics. This is not a good idea IMO. Don't do changing marriage roles. Stick to one topic and emphasize changes from one era to the current era. Say pre and post-modern era. Pre-modern women's law enforcement era and describe it and then discuss how things are now. Decsribe the similarities and differences and draw larger conclusions. Include stats and data, as well as descriptions of implications for larger society and politics. Discuss HOW change took place...Hope this works out...bit late in day to be scrambling around like this... </p>

<p>so now im switching my topic again -__-</p>

<p>good thing i've been watching these videos from -- Frontline has some lejit info on lots of topics and i'll be doing my new topic about over the counter derivatives.</p>

<p>I'm a repeat offender. :(</p>

<p>Yeah like others have said, it's plagiarism. I think the best bet is to contact your professor, and try to get permission to maybe submit it with a few revisions.</p>

<p>I submit my old papers all the time. xD</p>

<p>Thank god that my college classes don't require like high school did.</p>

<p>Ugh, those damn sites were nightmares!</p>

<p>Turnitin was amusing to me, lol. </p>

<p>Last Spring I was taking a Abnormal Psychology class and our professor told us that if we had to write up another paper for a different class, then we could do both in one paper. Needless to say, I took him up on that offer, I had my Abnormal Psychology class and my Human Developmental Class (also Psychology based) and got A's on both of them. I was stressing out big time though, because somehow I thought the professors would nightmare...>__<;; Never have again, but procrastination is still very much at its best with me to this day however.</p>

<p>Has this gone to any court? The idea of plagiarizing yourself is just ridiculous you should be able to recycle old papers as much as you want, it is your original thought if a teacher ever failed me because of it I would def try to take it to court.</p>