How tall are the beds at Cal to store things underneath?

<p>I was wondering if there is space under the beds for some storage of things, possibly in a trunk or whatnot.</p>

<p>it depends on what kinda bed you get =P</p>

<p>well how tall is your bed???</p>

<p>not tall enough to store a treasure chest under my bed, but tall enough to store cups of noodles =P</p>

<p>You can loft them. Or you get the RA to. Or something.</p>

<p>haha dmc - cup of noodles.....</p>

<p>hey hey, thats my diet staple of food.................i've always wondered why i'm starting to get a skin condition.....hmmm</p>

<p>ahahaha jp jp, actually i'm outta cup noodles, all i have left are some chocolate bars, and that hardly qualifies as a meal =P</p>

<p>You can use concrete blocks, PVC pipes, or something from Target (this neat little stand that's really stable) that elevates the bed about 6-12 inches. Then you can store stuff down there.</p>