How the College Board sends scores

<p>I have a few questions which are probably a bit stupid, but I'm confused. College Board sends scores electronically to schools, right? (Excluding rush scores, which are paper.) If everything's done electronically, aren't scores sent right away? Also, I'm applying ED to a school where they say that November SAT scores usually arrive in time to be considered. I took the October test but didn't indicate which schools to send my scores to (long story.) Anyways, if I just sent my SAT scores today, they should get there on time, right? I mean, if November scores can make it in time to be considered, October ones that I've just sent should as well, correct? Thanks!</p>

<p>From CB:</p>

<h1>Scores are mailed approximately three weeks after you submit your request.</h1>

<h1>Rush reporting is available for an additional $24. Rush scores are sent two business days after your request is received.</h1>

<p>If you "rushed" them, they'll surely get there on time. If it's a November 15th deadline and you didn't rush them, they may just barely get there on time.</p>

<p>I don't quite get rush reporting. If you sign up for it, then how much time is elapsed from when you take the test to when you get the scores?</p>

<p>I don't think you necessarily get your scores reported to you any sooner if you have them "rushed." I'm not sure, though.</p>

<p>Remember, when a school has a deadline for applications, that is the date for you to submit your application only. You scores can arrive a bit later. If a college says that the November date is the last date for testing, they know how long it takes for them to get scores. You do not need to rush scores. Many school get scores sent to them a few times a month through a special program with CB where all score to that school are sent at the same time.</p>

<p>When schools have a deadline for apps, you have to check to see if that deadline includes receipt of scores because it is not true that for all schools the deadline stated is not also the test date submission deadline. Usually though if the deadline is any date before January 15, it is likely that test scores may arrive somewhat after the official app deadline date, but you should verify to make sure. A prime example is the UCs which require Apps by Nov 30 but take test scores through December test dates.</p>

<p>Most colleges receive the bulk of the scores electronically from the College Board or via a computer disk that is sent. They have an agreed to download or send date after a test is completed. However, that sending does not include the one-off sendings like someone sending a rush score. "Rush" by College Board standards means available scores are mailed about 2 days after you order rush delivery. "Rush" has nothing to do with how fast you get your test graded and scores released -- that is generally the same for all tests; you will be able to get them by mail about 2 to 3 1/2 weeks or so after the test or you can call or get them on-line for a fee earlier (10 to 12 days after the test).</p>

<p>Also, before you go out and order a rush score, check the college you are dealing with. There are a large number that do not accept rush SAT scores and will only take them as part that bulk sending done by the College Board.</p>

<p>so does CB send these scores electronically to colleges at the same time as they send them by mail to us?</p>

<p>You can assume the bulk sending to colleges is close to the same time as the mailing to you; particular college may want them all sent a particular time, e.g., at the end of a month.</p>