How They See the English..

<p>I have a 680 Verbal SAT I score.. but I have a 780 Writing, a 5 on AP English Language, and recommendations from my AP Eng Lang/Lit teacher (same teacher).. </p>

<p>How will they see the 680 in contrast to the other scores?</p>

<p>Is this for Gtown SFS? Check accepted student stats for last year (V higher, much higher). Consider retaking to boost that 680. That's a very verbal program (think Bill Clinton) and they get plenty of virtuosos applying. </p>

<p>Did you make flashcards of the Princeton Review SAT vocab? S1 raised his score nearly 100 points by committing those vocab words to memory.</p>

<p>Cheers: the 680 puts me in about the 35th-45th percentile. I cannot take any more SATs before the EA deadline.</p>

<p>On the other hand, my Mid-Year School Report is ready to go (our semester ended), do you think they will take this into account for EA processing?</p>

<p>I understand that the SFS program is incredibly difficult and verbal, but I haven't had the same opportunity as others -- which my counselor statement does reflect. I run around doing too much, so I can't find myself sitting down and do vocabulary. </p>

<p>And it's not that I don't know the vocab, either, it's just the fact that my mind goes blank on test day. Not a good thing. And it's only for SAT I, because Writing and AP Eng Lang (the test) and the Lit practice tests, I pass with flying colors..</p>

<p>And I have a nasty toothache at 3:34 in the morning, and I can't sleep, so I'm pulling an all-nighter.</p>

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<p>680 is low for SFS. The average SAT listed in the college books is NOT the average for SFS--it's for CAS. The average for SFS is much much higher--closer to HYP--but unpublished. They only take one out of every 9 or 10 applicants and you do not want to give them a reason not to take you. Their applicant pool is extraordinary. Did you actually check the old threads from SFS 2004? </p>

<p>Not sure the fact that you are 'running' around too much to study vocab is a reasonable excuse. It's still an excuse and it goes to your ability to manage priorities. I know I don't want to hear it....</p>

<p>If you really want SFS you'll retake SAT at the next opportunity and forward the scores to Gtown, albiet slightly late.</p>

<p>(For sophomore PSAT, my fifteen year old memorized 175 SAT words in forty eight hours. If you gave up your CC time I'm sure you could do it too).</p>


<p>You have a chance to retake in November, no? That should be in time for Gtown ED.</p>

<p>The November SAT is accepted for EA? How do I go about switching from SAT II to SAT I?</p>

<p>Check GTown website. Most colleges accept the Nov. SAT. As for switching, contact the College Board.</p>

<p>Edit: You mention your Writing Score. Do you have 2 more SAT-IIs? Does GTown require SAT-IIs?</p>

<p>(Yes, I have two more SAT-IIs, reflective on the Social Studies background. They are USH - 700, and WH - 740).. </p>

<p>I will check the GU website and get back to you! Thanks!</p>

<p>okay. Your SAT-IIs are fine. Retake the SAT and bring up your V score.</p>

<p>Well, I just took a fresh look at Georgetown's application (1st page), and here's what I discovered:</p>

Fall scores
will be added to an applicantÂ’s file if the
student is deferred to the regular review.


<p>So it really doesn't matter.</p>

<p>Retake anyway to improve your chances at other colleges in case you are deferred or rejected at Gtown.</p>