How to ADCOMS analyze transcripts?

I'm an international student so I have a very different schooling system and curriculum in my country.
We don't have class rank or GPA calculated so my transcript will only have my mid term scores and finals for all years. What I need to know is that what impact will bad 9th grade final scores have on my chances to get admitted into top colleges (HYP, etc). Otherwise my scores are good and 11th and 12th grade scores are very good. Other than this, my standardized test scores (SAT II's) are all 750+, just so you guys know...

<p>Talk to your guidance counselor. S/he is required to fill out an SSR Report and send to it to all of the colleges you applied to. The report asks the guidance counselor to rate you, and your program, in comparison to the other students at your school. See: <a href=""&gt;;/a>. In addition to the SSR Report, your guidance counselor usually sends along some sort of high school profile to the college, so they can understand your school better.</p>

<p>oh ok. If that's the case, my school's the best school in the country. Does that help in any way?</p>

<p>^^ Not really, as Harvard admits students, not schools.</p>

<p>^ Gibby that may not be as much the case when they are evaluating international students as in many cases the Ad Com does not have much experience with students outside of the top schools from a particular country, espy if that country does not send many students to Harvard. Thus, it has a tendency (which they will deny) to look at candidates from schools that they know-- also much more dependent upon the Alumni Schools Committee in that country to provide context for the applicants. I have been struck, for example, that even in the case of Britain, from which Harvard gets a number of applicants, that the variety of schools who are accepted is actually quite small--largely the usual cast of characters with an occasional student from new school to Harvard. Thus, being from the top school in a nation might be seen in a different light than a domestic student applying to the College.</p>