How to appeal?

<p>I read up on UCLA's website on their instructions for appealing, but I was wondering if somebody can help clarify some things. </p>

<p>-When they say new information, does that include awards you might have received between the times of Nov. 30 (after submitting your app) and the time you got the rejection letter?</p>

<p>-Do you need to write another essay on why they should accept you or do they just reevaluate your application with the teacher recs + new info?</p>

<p>1 - I think awards might count... I don't know for sure, and even if they didn't, it would still be worth it to appeal, because you never know, and it can't hurt. I mean, even I'm appealing, but without any "new" information. I'm taking a different approach based on something else I read in their FAQ...</p>

<p>2 - Since they're not all that specific, I thinking that anything goes, really... I would write something, but I doubt it necessarily has to be as formal as an essay.</p>

<p>I'm no expert, but this is simply what I've gathered in my own thoughts!</p>

<p>My friend, who goes to UCLA now, appealed by adding new information. If you don't have anything significant (w/ awards or changes in your lifestyle), then there is no basis in an appeal. You have to have something significant. Perhaps something you forgot? I heard they also want you to write an essay on why you deserve to get in and recs. I'm not completely sure but that's what my friend said. Best of luck!</p>