How to apply for an Internship?

I am an Engineering major, and was wanting to start looking for an internship for next summer. I’m not sure where to start, how to prepare my resume, where to look, what GPA companies look for? Could someone who has maybe gone through this process, either a student, or parent, offer me some insight? Thanks so much!

Engineering internship ads for the following summer come out starting in Dec/Jan. With that being said, you can start the ground work at anytime. Start with your career counseling ctr. and ask about Engineering internships specifically.

You need a resume, they should help you make one

You need a linkedin page after you have done your resume as then you have the things to put on the page.

You need a good photo on your linked in page. Photos make people look more at your page.

You don’t say what year you are. It is harder for rising Soph and Jrs to get internships than rising Srs. All Engineering internships want to know your GPA, which has to be above 3.0 to get their interest.

The best way to get any internship is through some type of connections either through your school like with alumni and with your parents or parent’s friends who know engineers. There are also career fairs where you should go dressed very nicely with several resumes where you can meet reps from companies hiring.

Ad wise, it is tough. Big companies often run tons of ads and while it is good practice to apply to them it may be hard to get an internship. Nepotism is everywhere so often it is who you know that gets you in one of those companies.

Places to look for companies that are more local would be the craigslist (my personal favorite :slight_smile: ), Internships dot com and set up alerts with the Glassdoor.

Your school also must have a career page where companies come and place ads. Those also my have opportunities especially if alumni have placed the ad.

When you are seriously ready to look. Check the ads everyday. Good luck!

Many engineering internships close by December/January. You should start looking in September/October at the absolute latest.