How to apply for AP Credits?

<p>I want to apply for 14 AP credits, could someone tell me how and when I should do that?</p>

<p>are you an incoming freshman? you should have received an e-mail/letter with information as to who to foward your AP scores to</p>

<p>I spoke to NYU Advisement office. The person I spoke to stated that even though my son requested for the official scores to be sent to NYU by the College Board, he recommended for us to fax sonny's scores over directly to Advisement since the Admissions office (which is the office that receives the official College Board AP report) may take awhile to transfer information to Advisement, the office that makes sure you are properly credited for all AP work (with scores of 4 and 5 and if the subjects fulfill requirements). </p>

<p>Of course, you can always double check by calling the NYU Advisement office:</p>

<p>Phone: 212-998-8130
Fax: 212-995-4378</p>

<p>I'm an incoming freshman, and I think NYU has received my scores from collegeboard because I was allowed to sign up for Microeconomics and Calculus I. Is there anything else I have to do to claim the credits?</p>

<p>Call the Advisement Office # I provided above to make sure they have your AP scores in their office. My son did the same thing (reported AP scores to NYU through College Board)
and we were told to have him fax a copy over to Advisement anyway (to make sure he is properly credited with the 20+ AP credits he received). </p>

<p>He was also permitted to not sign up for Natural Science I, assuming he had a 4 or 5 on his AP Environmental Science Exam. At the time of registration, he had not received his AP Env Sci Exam score.</p>

<p>P.S. The Advisement Office sent email notification confirming receipt of scores 1-2 days after the AP Exam Scores were faxed to them.</p>

<p>Near the end of freshman year, my daughter dropped off a copy of her AP scores at Tisch. The credits then appeared on the degree progress forms on Albert and showed that specific AP credits satisfied certain degree requirements.</p>

<p>Keep in mind that credit will not be given for every AP course, even with a 5. If I recall correctly, NYU did not give credit for Human Geo and English Language.</p>


<p>Which English did she take? I was told that both my English Lang. and Lit. would get me elective credit, just not count towards any requirments.</p>

<p>SnappleSpice, Sorry to be the bearer of bad news. NYU does not give credit for AP English Language; it also does not fulfill any requirements. So you get nothing for that. Unfortunately, that is the AP Exam in which my son received a score of 5. So he gets no elective credit for the AP class taken and the score achieved, nor does it fulfill any requirement.</p>

<p>However, you are right about getting elective credit for AP English Literature (so long as you get an AP exam score of 4 or 5), even though it fulfills no requirements.</p>

<p>evolving is absolutely right. Some AP credits WILL satisfy requirements, however. For instance, AP Bio satisfied a science requirement. Don't know if it depends on which school you are in. Since she's in Tisch, it may be different for other schools/majors.</p>

<p>The degree progression link in Albert is fantastic. Even when you just REGISTER for a course, it immediately updates degree progression. When my daughter registered in April for the following semester classes, she checked her degree progression right away and saw one course would only be counted as an elective. So she changed her registration right away to something that fulfilled a requirement.</p>