How to apply for CSUN after being accepted before?

Well, I got accepted into CSUN as a transfer student almost 2 years ago and went to the orientation and everything but never enrolled in any classes because I decided not to continue school at the time because I was focusing on my business.

Because I never enrolled I am no longer in their system thus it doesn’t let me enroll in classes anymore.

I now have the time to go to school again but can’t figure out how I’m supposed to apply to CSUN again and if anythings changed in the application process now that might hinder me from being accepted again?

Does anyone know where I can go to so I can obtain the correct information on what procedures I have to go through to apply again properly?

Any help is appreciated

You need to fill out the CSU transfer application again to apply. CSU’s do not hold your spot indefinitely. Hopefully the transfer requirements have not changed and all your courses will fulfill the transfer Requirements again.

What major? Transfer requirements for your specific major will be posted on the CSUN website.