How to apply to colleges(SAT affiliated colleges)

<p>What is the admission process for intenational students for undergraduate admissions in US universities i.e do we send our SAT score through collgeboard or do we fill up the admission form from that college's site???
Please help me with my dilemma or should I say ignorance.</p>

<p>I’m not sure I understand the question. You tell college board to send your scores to certain schools. I’m not sure what the alternative is.</p>

<p>I meant that almost all colleges show online application and in any case we are only able to send our SAT scores through collegeboard.What about essays,letters of reccomendation etc???
:-/ </p>

<p>when you apply to a college you submit your essays with your application. Your high school sends the letters of recommendation thru, usually, the guidance counselor.</p>

<p>each college has a website section for International applicants. read and follow those directions.</p>