How to apply to direct-dental program


I was trying to figure out how to apply to this program but there aren’t many details.

I didn’t find a direct dental or pre-dental option (only dental hygiene) on the common app. I’m interested in their 2 + 3 program, although it is VERY expensive.

Could you all let me know what information you have on this program? If you’ve been accepted, I’d appreciate if you’d explain the app process, your own admission stats, and your personal experience with scholarships, COA, etc.

Thank you!

Hi! I was accepted to UOP 5 year dental program this year. I was confused about that too but when I asked the admissions office they told me to just check the “pre-dentistry” box on the common app. If you want to know my stats I’ll put a link down below. I know I answered too late but I’ll still post it for future interested people.