How to ask for a letter of reccomendation

<p>what is the best way to approach a teacher regarding letter of reccomendation? And also, would it be a wise idea to print out your stats for hs and any awards from that class? </p>

<p>What is the best way to 'ask' a teacher for a letter of reccommendation?</p>

<p>Stop by and talk to your teacher a bit about your senior year and any sort of shared interest you have. Then ask if they'd be willing to write a positive recommendation for you. yes, it would be wise and my teachers asked for those as well as activities sheets.</p>

<p>what do you mean by 'shared' interest? Are you suggesting that I have a long chit-chat with the teacher before asking for a letter of reccommendation? </p>

<p>Could you perhaps help me out with figuring out how to quickly and effectively ask for a reccommendation?</p>

<p>Could someone respond to my question?</p>

<p>for example: if you both like a certain movie or obsess over a certain tv show. something that the teacher loves to talk about. you don't have to have a long conversation, just don't go straight up and ask for a rec. ease into it?</p>

<p>No. Just ask. If you're not close enough with the teacher to do that, they won't write a good rec.</p>

<p>i guess i should've mentioned i was close with my teachers so that was my advice from my own personal experience</p>

<p>Ok well the main problem lies in that many kids are ahead of me and would probably merit better reccomendations. I just need to know a way to ask a teacher without being rude, but at the same time without making conversation since I am not that close with any teachers. In other words, making an unusual amount of conversation would just plainly say "Hi, im just chit-chatting to make it seem as if we know each other well but i just need a reccommendation"</p>

<p>okay then you should politely ask..good luck!</p>

<p>Some people will suggest against this but I think asking through email works well if you and the teacher aren't that close; therefore you avoid the awkward chitchat and additionally avoid the awkward situation that would ensue if the teacher says no. </p>

<p>Basically, just write the teacher a quick email at their school email address saying that you really enjoyed his/her subject/class whatever and ask "Do you think that you know me well enough to write me a strong letter of recommendation?" If they say no, then they say no, but posing the question this way at least makes them consider how well they know you.</p>

<p>You can also approach the teacher before/after class and say, "Hi, I'm going to be applying to college soon, and I'd like it if you considered writing a letter of recommendation for me. Even though we have not talked much, I have really enjoyed your class. Maybe we can set up a quick meeting after school, and I can show you my resume, and you can ask me any questions about what I've done and where I hope to go."</p>

<p>Don't be scared by "resume". If you've gotten some awards and participated in some activities, write those down. If you have nothing, then leave that part out and just skip to "you can ask me any questions..."</p>