how to ask out

<p>how do you guys ask girl out....girl that knows each other's face but never talked..........also with different race im asian boy and she is white girl..</p>

<p>i havent seen her hanging out with other boys so im pretty sure she doesnt have boy friend...</p>

<p>Don't ask her out online. This probably has nothing to do with anything, but I'm white, and Asian guys ask me out all the time for some unknown reason, but they always do this online or get their friends to do so. This is weird. If they came up to me and asked to my face, I would probably date them.</p>

<p>so you suggest me to ask her out face to face...but it will be very embarrasing if she deny me...</p>

<p>hahha asian guys are so cute...;)</p>

<p>well some, though, are disgusting. but many of them are so cute! :D</p>

<p>woot for blond, theres at least somebody out there on my side.
asians (like me) are sort of trampled on at my school and never get any girls =(. and we're not fobs either. i dont get it.</p>

<p>haha i have never had a girl friend so im really an amateur.....</p>

<p>Don't ask someone really shows immaturity, and that you don't take the other person seriously.</p>

<p>Asian guys are nice, and Indian ones are pretty hot.</p>

<p>I like Asian guys because they're usually smart.
I've never dated one, though. I reject them because they get their friends to ask me out, and that's wrong..</p>

<p>yeah...i guess the online talkiing comes AFTER the real talking unless you don;t know the girl in real life. :)</p>

<p>wait, does this girl know you? as in know your name + how you look like +existance?</p>

<p>yes she know my name and how i look like...</p>

<p>sometimes she says hi to me volunteerly when i just pass her.. but thats end of conversation.</p>

<p>good to know. now push her over against the wall and make out.</p>

<p>just kidding. maybe you can talk a bit more with her before asking her out? you may freak her out if you come out too quickly and ask her out.</p>

<p>Yeah--how do you know her? Do y'all have things in common?</p>

<p>i have same math class with her...</p>

<p>Talk to her and get to know her more. Then suggest the two of you hang out.</p>

<p>are you taller than her? too short azn guy is a turn off when it comes to seirous relationship... 'aww cute' doesn't last forever, you see....</p>

<p>im like between 5-11~6-0,155
and she's like 5-7~5-8</p>

<p>i just wish to have pre-calc class with year...</p>

<p>wow the response time on this thread is amazing.</p>

<p>You don't really have to rush things. Just get close to her, talk to her regularly, let she gets comfortable around you and may be she will do the asking.
I'm just curious. Since you're asian, do you allow to date?</p>

<p>XD i suck at girls...never had a date (though i can't really say i suck cuz i've never tried =p )</p>

<p>over the summer i need to build up a bit of muscle then i'm good to go...
i also can never really meet hot girls cuz none of them are in my classes as i'm in the "smart/advanced" classes (no offense, guess i'm just stereotyping =P)</p>

<p>....sweetdream...why aint i allowed to date....</p>