How to ask/store Recommendation ? (From freshman year)

My AP Human teacher really likes me. I do work hard to keep an A there and top of the leader board. She is leaving and going to another school. Best course of action to get a rec letter from her now? How do I use it when its time for applications? Do you get printed paper? email? And what does it mean when a rec letter is 8/10 or 10/10?? Who grades these.

If it were me, I would email her and explain that, if she is willing, you would love to use a recommendation letter from her for your college application. I have heard of students asking freshman/sophomore year teachers to write letters at the conclusion of their freshman year, then save them until it’s time to submit. That said, not many people recommend using freshman/sophomore year teachers, many schools want junior/senior year ones to get a more accurate picture of who you are when applying.
Typically, the teacher will upload the LOR to whatever application system you’re using (like Common App), and you shouldn’t have access to the LOR. LOR ratings are relatively arbitrary, and have no effect on the process. Students on CC make these ratings from what they expect a teacher might have written for them, to give posters on Chance Me threads a better picture of the applicant.

I am not sure how Senior year anything will help when everyone is prepping for applications in the summer before senior year? So that just leaves Jr and sophomore. But all the above advice is very valuable and I am taking that into consideration.