How to Avoid Running Out of Time on the SAT, ACT

"WITH ENOUGH DEDICATION and practice during test prep, students can work through every question when they take the SAT or ACT. In fact, proper time management can often mean the difference between a satisfactory test score and an outstanding one.

Excelling on college admissions exams necessitates an efficient use of time as much as it does content familiarity or problem-solving skills. Consider applying these four time-management techniques to maximize your score on the SAT or ACT:

  • Practice creating outlines for the essay section.
  • Dedicate just 60 seconds to each math question.
  • Skim passages and question stems first, then reread as needed.
  • Go with your gut on the language sections." ...

we ordered our son’s ACT scores the month they offered to see exactly what he missed. He told us he ran out of time - and sure enough - we could see 15 in a row that he missed.

got a tutor; who said it’s really just timing on his end - bought a silent ACT watch for countdown, had him practice the sections where he ran out of time – and Voila! it worked!

that was one of my favorite college confidential advice pieces; order the ACT when you can also order the score sheet and see if there are patterns.