How to be a happy person?

<p>How? How? Advice?
I go to a good school. I have a family. My family has a lot of money. I am healthy. I didn't lose any part of my body. I am not ugly or overweight. I have so much clothes. I am not a loner. I have everything. But I am always so unhappy and become depressed very easily. Why is that?
I really want to be happy. I really really really want to be a happy person but there is nothing I don't have and I can't find the reason I am so unhappy.</p>

<p>Make more friends... jk.</p>

<p>I actually know how you feel, and I think you may be wanting (but unknowingly) to delve into existentialism, spirituality or religion for that matter. I think it's safe to say that virtually every human being has thought about the attainment of happiness (either from a transcendent plane, own values in life, etc.). </p>

<p>In other words, do what floats your boat, stranger.</p>

<p>Sounds like a deeper problem than some existential quest.</p>

<p>well, excluding all "see a therapist" advice, which is warranted. You have given a clue by your post. Do you believe external circumstanses is the key to happiness? they aren't. Emotional maturity is the key. It's going to take some growing up.</p>

<p>Also, "having everything" will not guarantee a healthy self-image.</p>

<p>Happiness is a choice, even though it may not seem like one. It involves a lot of deep thinking about the kind of person you want to be and then changing your thought processes to eliminate negative thoughts. It takes a lot of time and effort.</p>

<p>You may want to try to remove any thoughts of "I should" or "I must" or "I ought to be" if you can. In some places you simply won't match up to your expectations and you should learn to be okay with that. Just because you have everything doesn't mean that you SHOULD be an extremely happy person. Thinking that you should will create guilt and make you more unhappy.</p>

<p>It will be easier to be happy if you can find something you enjoy or be in a place you enjoy, and when you are doing things you find meaningful. You should also remove any poisonous or negative people from your life.</p>

<p>I also find that focusing on the little things in life (how blue the sky is that day, your favorite song coming on the radio) helps a lot as well. I used to be very depressed but through a combination of things I have become a very happy person, and I can be happy even when bad things are happening to me.</p>

<p>Being happy takes no effort at all.</p>

<p>Self-image, self-esteem is a one way street. Even the most seemingly competent, good looking, successful people in the world can have self-loathing and depression because they identify with something false and believe the voice in the head to be who they are. Look at someone like Eckhart Tolle 30 years old, socially inept, full of self-hate and not good looking, wanted to kill himself. He realized that the hateful, negative thoughts in his head where just that, only thoughts, all concepts, labels and judgment. "I'm no good" and so on, he realized it was all bs. He saw through the false self and woke up, he lived on a park bench for two years in absolute peace, not wanting nor needing anything. I'm not advocating a park bench that but hey! The world no longer becomes the scary, threatening, place it seemed to be through the conditioned mind of self.</p>

I really really really want to be a happy person but there is nothing I don't have


<p>There is one thing you are missing. A relationship... not necissarily with a woman, but with God or your parents... SELF. why else to you post such a pathetic question on the internet?</p>

<p>I'm not religious, but there are two things: within an outside... the material/external(what you see/ hear), and the spiritual... what's inside. Furthermore, spirituality is about relationships... most notably relationship with the self. You can be an athiest, but spiritual health is a component of wellness.</p>

<p>There is a simple answer to this question. Life and nature. There are things that change and there are things that are temporary. You wish you had them the other way. That's what I learned.</p>

<p>maybe you should think of what you dont have, and fix that</p>


<p>If you've got all those things and you're still unhappy you should probably see a shrink. Lord knows I have some ****ty things in my life but I still manage to be somewhat happy most of the time.</p>

<p>If you are really depressed and not just unhappy sometimes, see a therapist. If you are in college, it's free at Health Services.</p>

<p>Try not to repress your feelings. If you are truly unhappy, do see your counseling center as mentioned previously.</p>

<p>Grow a pair; plenty of people have **** lives but still make the best out of it</p>

<p>Work out a lot.
Drink a lot.</p>