How to be a high school math teacher?????

My daughter is a junior in HS. She knows she wants to be a HS math teacher. We live in Maine, but she wants to go to school and most likely live in the southeast. It appears to be more confusing than we thought to find which schools have a bachelors in secondary education. Some say it’s a major, some say licensure. And is it better to do a 5 year M. Ed? Any help or suggestions would be great. She wants to graduate and be able to get a job in a private or public school.

She is looking for a med size school (5,000 - 20,000ish) in the southeast. She’s willing to go bigger if the campus doesn’t feel too big. Open to public & private and 4 or even 5 yr programs. She has a 4.05 GPA and 1230 SAT’s which she is working on Khan Academy to bring up. She’s a smart girl, but works hard for her grades. Looking for a warm, collaborative environment. Thanks in advance.