How to be competitive for Grad school (UCLA Education Program)

Currently a junior at UCR double majoring in Chicano Studies and Education, Society, and Human Development with a concentration in Community Leadership, Policy, and Social Justice. I don’t have a gpa yet (first quarter), but my GPA from my CC was a 3.89 and I finished with 4 AA’s. I want to apply to some masters program for Fall '22. What are some things that would make me competitive for admission? A program that I’m looking at specifically is UCLA’s Teacher Education Master’s and Credential program. I’ll be applying to more of course, but this is my top choice. Has anyone gone through this program? If you have, or have gotten into similar education programs, what were your stats? GRE and GPA? How many internships look good? Just want somewhat of an idea on what I have to get done these next couple of months before applying, thank you!