How to Become a Pharmacist

"IF YOU’RE INTRIGUED BY the prospect of advising patients about different drugs and prescriptions and helping patients combat and prevent disease, a career as a pharmacist may be right for you, according to experts in the field.

Individuals that enjoy science, want to be part of the evolving health care team or are interested with any part of drug discovery, drug development, drug pricing, population health or precision medicine should seriously consider pharmacy,’ wrote James Dalton, dean and professor of pharmaceutical sciences with the University of Michigan College of Pharmacy, the No. 3 U.S. News Best Pharmacy School, in an email.

‘Pharmacy is much more than it appears from the surface,’ Dalton adds. A Doctor of Pharmacy degree can prepare someone ‘to advise patients and physicians with medication therapy, immunize against disease, participate in drug discovery and development and/or work in nonprofit or federal agencies to improve population health,’ he says." …

This is one of the reasons why nobody should see another degree as an easy one.

Pharmacy School is one of the most competitive professional schools to get accepted to. Many pre-pharmacy students are aware of it. To be competitive, they should have at least around a 3.5 GPA taking the hard science courses.