How to better myself sophomore year in high school?

<p>So I'm a straight-A student who just finished freshman year of high school. My ultimate, top college goal is to get into Harvard. However, as a lot of you can relate, discovering CC kind of killed that dream for a bit. But I need advice on what to do. </p>

<p>I want to become an astrophysicist. But my only extracurricular is theatre. Because my next passion next to science is acting. I am VERY dedicated to my school's theatre community, and about half of the year we all stay after school for times of up to 5-7:30 for our fall and spring performances (which, as you can imagine, extremely hinders trying to get into other clubs). I'm considering joining National English Honor Society and French Club, but you've probably figured by now that I'm lacking in science extracurriculars.
This is because 1. I don't think I have time to do things like Science Olympiad and Academic Decathalon, and 2. even if I did, I'd feel stupid because the academic groups are all taken up by crazy smart Asians (sorry about the stereotyping...but it's kind of true at my school).
I want to try to start an astronomy club, but I would have NO IDEA what to do when I started it. I'm bad at planning activities, and I'd need a sponsor and everything.</p>

<p>I have no idea what to do to stand out! I want to get into Harvard badly, but I feel extremely inferior to everyone else applying! Does anyone have helpful advice?</p>

<p>Follow your passion, whatever it may be. HRDC produces more than 20 theatrical productions each semester -- and they need students on-stage and backstage. See: HRDC:</a> Harvard-Radcliffe Dramatic Club</p>

<p>The average number of kids accepted from D's high school is 0. D's year they took 2. The other acceptee is young man who was very involved in theater and voice. Our nephew who went to Harvard was also a theater EC kid.</p>

<p>As for D, she was in 0 clubs but was very involved in her EC's dance, music, skiing, etc. Despite no clubs she was accepted.</p>

<p>Similar story to smoda61's. My D's HS has only sent a couple of students to H in its 25 year history. My D's major EC is dance which precluded a lot of school based activities. She never competed in any math or science contests, but she is concentrating in physics at Harvard. Your overall profile will determine your success in getting in. Commitment to an EC that is aligned to your intended major is not necessary. It is the commitment to whatever ECs you have that counts.</p>

<p>^ Same story - D is expecting to be a life science concentrator. No EC's in intended major.</p>

<p>Have you actually visited Harvard before making it your "dream school"? You seem more like the Yale type.</p>