How to buy Den Season Football Tickets?

<p>On the brochure it told me I could order it at MyUCLA but I didn't exactly find anything there?</p>

<p>I can't order in person, but it says I could order by mail. Although the form says I have to use my SBAR account or my credit card or BOTH? Can't I just send in the form and place a $75 + $4 handling fee in the form of a check?</p>

<p>On MyUCLA, near the Daily Bruin Headline, there should be this picture that says "Survey" click that.</p>

<p>I guess they don't have that anymore, I just asked a friend about it. Disregard my previous post.</p>

<p>Call the Central Ticket Office at 310 825 2101</p>

<p>I called the Central Ticket Office and ordered my tickets. Thanks everyone :)</p>

<p>if you can, try to go to the games before the school year usually get VERY close to the field. i think tennessee is one of the first games...ill be back in time for the next home game...but yeah, just letting you know</p>

<p>Tennessee is supposed to be a good game though because they're ranked #18, so I would expect a high turnout. Also, it's Labor Day weekend, but it is going to be a Monday.</p>

<p>If we joined the lottery for the basketball tickets, when do we get the results? Will we get our football passes in time for the first game?</p>