How to Cancel CUNY Application?

So I was filling out the CUNY app, and I guess I accidentally submitted it?? It’s missing everything but the personal information. I’m currently panicking and I don’t know if I can cancel it or not because I can’t go back and edit anything. As far as I can see, there’s no option to void/cancel it. Is there a way to do that or just ditch this whole account and just fill out a new application? Will the college ever see this one if I don’t cancel it?

I understand that I shoud’ve been more careful and I’m completely an idiot for submitting it by accident. I’m just figuring out how to fix this so any suggestions would be great.

@sybbie719 might knows. Have you tried calling or emailing the help desk?

If you submitted it without payme not it is not going to be processed. You will have an application number once you submit your application. You will have to contact the CUBY help desk so that they can assist you.