How to celebrate my graduation?

I am a college student pursuing two Masters degrees at the University of Southern California. I completed one in 2021 and the second I will complete in about 3 weeks. I am a distance learning student and not located anywhere close to USC. It didn’t work out to travel to USC to attend the graduation ceremony.

Curious how best I should celebrate my graduation? I am trying to decide whether to purchase the regalia or not. It’s expensive at USC (~$500) and unless I have a good use for it I can’t justify the cost.

If you’re curious about my username, I have been admitted to a PhD program at Colorado State University where I will start this fall.

I would not bother to get Master’s graduation regalia if you are not attending the ceremony and are going on for a PhD. Personally I’d crack open a bottle of champagne and go out with my parents and/or a few good friends for a nice dinner to celebrate. Whatever you do - congrats!


$500??? Wow! That’s nuts! No, don’t purchase the regalia if you aren’t planning to attend.

No - don’t spend the $500 for the graduation regalia.

Instead, treat yourself to a little something special that feels like a bit of a splurge. Not sure what floats your boat, but something out of ordinary that brings a smile to your face…

Suggestions (depending on your interests & budget):
•Small item of jewelry to mark the occasion
•Nice bottle of champagne or wine
•Lunch or brunch at a new restaurant you’ve been wanting to try
•Overnight at a B&B
•Spa treatment
•Fashion purchase (new pair of shades, shoes or a bag)
•A couple of light books to read for pleasure
•A night out at a show, concert or play

Congratulations! :champagne:

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Cake and ice cream… Congratulations on your achievement!!

Don’t buy the graduation stuff. It’s likely you will never use it again anyway. If you get a PhD, THAT stuff is what you would use if you needed to.

Enjoy the celebration with family and friends.