How to change something in application?

<p>Hi all,
I was unable to crash a communcation course required for CSU.
So now i have to update the UC application, so im wondering how to do this.</p>

<p>Also, since i was unable to get a comm. class, is there any way that I can let CSU know this and allow me to take it later?? I tried crashing 4 different courses, even saturday ones and was unsuccessful</p>

<p>^^Yes, you can take communication class during the summer!</p>

<p>really? can someone else confirm this :)</p>

<p>and also how do u change info on your UC app</p>

<p>bump for the night</p>

<p>For UC, access the application and click TAU...transfer academic update. You want to delete that class off since you didn't attend. </p>

<p>For Cal State, each campus is different. You would have to see if your campus admissions accept summer grades. So do some research in the Cal State admissions portal.</p>

<p>Hi above poster, thanks for replying.
I just made a change through TAU.
Now, will they still accept my application now that I updated it 14 days late?
I originally submitted my Tau on 1/13 or 1/23 i think...</p>

<p>^ Wondering the same thing. Anyone with any insight?</p>

<p>You aren't going to be rejected because you made an update to the TAU after the priority deadline. The Jan 31st date was just a date guaranteeing that they would review all the updated information you submitted when evaluating your application. You are able to update the TAU until the end of march I believe, but they might have already made a decision on your application and might not take any other information into consideration.</p>