How to check your admission status online?

<p>How to check your admission status online?</p>

<p>I used common App. for my JHU application. I tried to go to the website and see the possible link, but I couldnt find any.</p>

<p>There is one link for JHU's own application...</p>

<p>Where can I check it online?????</p>

<p>Hopkins doesn't have on-line decisions. They send a snail mail and an email later the same day.</p>

<p>I think he is referring to application status, not decision. They'll send you a blue card if everything is complete. If you didn't receive it, don't worry. They would have contacted you if you were missing something.</p>

<p>YanksDolphins is right. Hopkins doesn't have on-line status check either. You should have received either a blue card saying your application is complete or a communication on what's missing. As Yanks said, don't worry if haven't heard from the school.</p>

<p>Hopkins does not have any online system for checking application status, nor for releasing admissions decisions. </p>

<p>Re: application status
A blue postcard is sent to confirm the receipt of one's application. If one's application is incomplete, the student is contacted by email. If the student does not respond, we contact the student's school. We make every effort to complete one's application.</p>

<p>Re: Admissions notification release
Once decisions are released (that is dropped off at the post office) that evening decisions are emailed to student's who provided a working email address on their application.</p>

<p>Hopefully that clears up all confusion.</p>

<p>When should we get the letter of decision? If we lived further away (meaning the letter would take more time to reach us), could we call and find out the decision?</p>

As we are nearing the mailing date, can you tell us when it is likely to happen? Last year it was around April 25, correct? Are you aiming to send mail on the same date this week?</p>

<p>I think AdmissionsDaniel has posted elsewhere (but I can't find it at the moment) that he'll update his blog (<a href=""&gt;;/a&gt;) with decision mailing date information when the time comes. </p>

<p>As for calling for your decision, if I remember correctly from the last couple years, you can only call to get your decision something like a week or so after they're mailed out (maybe a bit more, maybe a bit less, but a week-ish?). AdmissionsDaniel will be able to tell you what they're doing this year</p>

<p>@dancinggirl - april 25th?!</p>

<p>do u mean march 25th?</p>

<p>Sure. March 25. I just have switched to April already.
I read that JHU always mails decisions several days before the Ivies so that everyone has it by the time their online notifications come out. So sometime this week.
I looked at AdmissiosDaniel's blog - he planned to work round-the-cklock for two weeks starting last week. I guess this means the staff will be mailed this week. Why would he stop working round-the-cklock otherwise?
You see, I'm trying to see the signs that the wait is coming to an end.</p>