How to Choose Classes...

<p>Ok. So this might sound like a dumb question, but I've been pondering it for a while. How do I choose my classes? How do I know what classes to take my freshman year? Do I signup for the required classes? My major is Business Administration in conjunction with the Pre-Medicine track. So what classes do I take? I would greatly appreciate anyone's help. Thank you!</p>

<p>BU '09</p>

<p>During orientation you will take brief asssessments to help decide what level language and writing courses you should take and you'll have an individual session scheduled with your advisor. Throughout your years at BU this advisor will work with you so you make choices that coincide with your goals and graduation requirements. This person is available to discuss issues with you at any time but I believe it is mandatory that you meet with him/her each semester at the point of choosing classes to provide oversight so you won't get off track and miss a required course. (the advisor must sign off on your classes for that reason)</p>

<p>You can read about various calsses before hand while on-line. If you have a very strong preference for one of the numerous Writring sequences you may want to try and attend an earlier orientation since by the end of the summer the choices begin to get smaller as popular classes and times fill up more quickly. (most do not want to take early a.m. classes)
Hope this helps. You will receive mailing periodically from BU throughout the summer that will help you understand this process.</p>