How to choose?

<p>Hey guys,</p>

<p>Ive been posting threads about some problems Im having in the application process, some admissions questions,etc. and lots of people said to choose a place I LIKE, not for prestige.</p>

<p>Well...they all sound amazing to me (who doesnt think HYPSMUD and the like dont sound amazing?!). I know campuses differ and that effects the community (Dartmouth is much more personal than NYU, for example)...but how can I find out more about the place other than just by the setting??</p>


<p>Schedule a visit and go see for yourself. That is the best way to figure out the best place for you.</p>

<p>I live all the way on the other side of the world (Saudi Arabia), and my summer plans are booked with my family (this is possibly the last actual vacation Im going to have with them before I leave for college). So I cant just change them like that.</p>

<p>Its also not applicable to travel in the middle of the year, we dont have long enough breaks (one day a every month and a half is similar to a P.A. or Organizational day).</p>


<p>You will have to make the best guess you can at what is the best fit for you. Based on academics, distribution requirements, special programs, department reputation of possible majors, reputation of school for undergraduate education, size of student body, availability of research opportunities, reputation of the culture (by those who know), location.....</p>

<p>Find out more by reading all the guides, Fiske, Princeton Review, everything available here. Plus go to the individual forums and hope current students are posting and taking questions.</p>

<p>This website won't allow us to recommend other websites, but there are some out there with student videos. I find them useful in getting another flavor of the school.</p>