How to chose a SAT tutor?

Does anyone has any tips, words of wisdom making a selection for a one-on-one tutoring. ( because of my kid’s scores)
I have a preference by having two different tutors for match and verbal section. Any feedback on this?
Also, I found two options
SAT prep companies that offer private tutoring, and
Independent SAT tutors

At this point, I’m not sure there is an independent tutor would be the same as a tutor from a SAT prep company?

Thanks in advance for any feedback

I found mine through word of mouth and recommendations.

My tutor taught both math and verbal, which I suggest is better than having two seperate tutors. With one tutor it’s much easier to juggle schedules and assignments. They are keeping track of your full progress and we chose where to dedicate the most time each session.

You can maybe ask your school advisors for recommendations, other students who have used tutors in the past, or prep centers.

Big thing not to overlook - fit and personality. I thought my tutor was great. He was fun, engaging and brilliant (Harvard Grad). High expectations but low pressure.

Good luck!

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This was what we did also. We went with a very small local company – I think that they only had a total of three employees. We were very happy with them.

This sounds correct to me. One thing that we liked about the tutor that we used was that they kept the whole thing low stress. High school students are already under too much stress.

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