How to come up with a science Research idea

<p>I need to come up with a research idea this weekend. I really can't think of any good ideas. I'm interested in nanotechnology, cancer, and neuroscience research, but I can't think of an idea. When I do think of ideas, they have usually been done already. How do you think of a good Research idea? </p>

<p>I've tried looking through Google scholar and Wikipedia, but I just don't now what to do. Also, is it better to come up with a problem to solve 1st or to just look through information and make connections?</p>

<p>Look through previous research on google scholar to give you an idea of what types of problems people are trying to solve. then try to make an extension on one of those papers</p>

<p>Find specific research area that interest you. Do lots of reading. Find unanswered questions -> ideas.</p>

<p>You can usually do that by skipping to the end of scientific papers, where “future directions” are suggested. Review papers tend to have lots of questions, so I’d look them over carefully, too.</p>

<p>join a research team. that’s what i did. rarely, if you decide to work on your research in a laboratory, do high schoolers do their own independent research. it factors in time and $. it would be more valuable to ask around professors what they are doing, and see if you can make a subset of their work or just look into what they’re doing…</p>

<li>by a laboratory i mean like a research institution.</li>

<p>Thank you everyone. The problem is not in equipment because my high school has some. I just have to think of a good idea. How creative does it have to be?</p>