How to Cope with Leaving Home for College?

I am an incoming freshman to university next year. I’ve grown up in the suburbs with my family all my life, and when I started applying to colleges, I widened my net of locations (out of state, big city) because I told myself that I wanted to branch out and that I felt ready.
Now, I’ve committed to a university, and am realizing that the entire leaving is weighing on me more than I’ve thought. It’s difficult to feel excited about making my own way in the world when all I can think about is what I’d be missing and what I’d be leaving behind. It’s gotten to the point where I’m afriad that I’m psyching myself out and will just be stuck no matter what I do.
Anyone who’s ever had experience with this, any advice? I’d seriously appreciate it. Thank you!

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This is very common and normal. In the next few months, there will be many similar posts to yours appearing on this forum.

If you want to be stuck at home, that’s a choice you’re making. But if you want to venture out into the world and gain a little low-risk independence, that might be a better choice to make.

What do I say that? Because you came here looking for a way to convince yourself not to settle for staying at home. I say it’s low-risk because home will always be there. You are likely not going to have to support yourself financially. You will be in an environment with a bunch of other people who all made a decision to take the same risk you’re taking: sacrificing a bit of comfort for the real possibility of meeting new people and having a great time. You already have something in common with all those other people. You all chose to be there.

Ask yourself if you will regret not taking this amazing opportunity. Home will always be there and your family isn’t going to forget you. The opportunity to have a residential college experience is not one that can be taken at any time though. If you’re really unsure, you can defer for a year. If it’s really bad, you can move home. But going away to college is a real chance to do something that, for the vast majority of people, reaps benefits. Take the chance while you can.

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Just take it one day at a time. Start slowly. Pick your friends slowly and carefully. For the most part bad things happen only if you make poor decisions. And when I say poor decisions I don’t mean whether you should eat a burger today or pizza, or which courses to take. I mean decisions like experimenting with substances, radically changing your sleep schedule, not attending classes etc. As long as you keep things on an even keel, you’ll be fine. More than fine — you’ll have a wonderful time