How to cram a thousand page textbook?

<p>Advice please. I have about 15 days haha. Thanks.</p>

<p>One page at a time.</p>

<p>You have 15 days? Just read the damn thing, that's like 70~ pages a day...</p>

<p>^That is extremely impractical. What subject OP? We can suggest study guides instead.</p>

<p>You could:
1. Read 67 pages every day
2. Get a study guide on the book/subject
3. Skim through the book and find all the necessary information that will be on the test</p>

<p>No offense, but reading and absorbing a 1000 pages of pure information within 15 days is pretty hard unless you're superhuman. If it's an AP class, I'd just go out and buy one of those study books.</p>

<p>That's going to suck so bad. I agree with some people, it's going to be crazy trying to cram all of that information in just 15 days. You're better off just skimming and highlighting what you think is the most important information.</p>

<p>I already read through the textbook last year. Its for one of my academic competition EC's. The subject is Biology.</p>

<p>hm I looked through your threads. It seems unlikely you would be able to cram a 1000 page book in 15 days and do well in the related competition. </p>

<p>Unless you think you have a chance to do as well as you hope to do, and are very dedicated about the studying, then I would say maybe forget about that ec.</p>

<p>Besides reading the whole thing, the only way I can see is to read and reread the little chapter summaries in between chapters, if the book has those. Other than that, you could either skim it and potentially miss important details that could come back to bite you rendering all your work for naught, or read the whole thing and forget some of the early stuff. Your best bet is probably to just read it, take notes, and reread the parts you don't remember as well.</p>

<p>Get the cliffs ap bio book or the holtzclaw one which is actually an outline of the campbells text. Or, look online for the Campbell outlines. There's a site full of them.</p>

<p>1000 pages/ 15 days = about 67 pages per day minus the reviews and whatnot they include. you have enough time to at least skim it. or you can try googling annotations or notes from your textbook</p>

<p>Looks like somebody is up a creek without a paddle, in fact looks like your raft is leaking too</p>

<p>You could do what the kid who sits next to me in physics does and memorize it with your photographic memory.</p>

<p>No, I'm not jealous....</p>