How to create a website?

<p>I'm interested in finding out from others what service or vendor they have used to create a website. I have reserved a few domain names for an insiders guide to mortgages where I would post information about how to save money on a mortgage. I want to know if anyone has used network solutions or go daddy; what the cost was; and if they were happy with the results. I want something that looks professional, is easy for me to use (i.e., easy to post blogs and links) and perhaps even has a question and answer feature (like Suze Orman but just for mortgages). Any information is much appreciated.</p>

<p>We use godaddy for hosting the website for our small non-profit. Very affordable (like less than $120 per year?), and we reserved domain names with them, too. I seem to remember that the cost varies depending upon what kind of site you're doing - commercial, personal, non-profit. We created the page using FrontPage, which is now pretty outdated.</p>

<p>We're looking at 1+1dotcom to upgrade the look of our site - the templates are supposedly quick and easy to use. There are a lot of computer-savvy young people around who can assist you with your site for a reasonable fee.</p>

<p>I've created a couple websites on . They have a free option that comes with ads, the next level up, which is what I use, is $49/year. They have other, more expensive options if you want to have a shop on there, etc. The web design is very easy (template based but customizable). I had never even attempted to build a website before that and found it simple to use.</p>

<p>I've created two websites. The first was for my art work and I used iweb and have it hosted through Godaddy. The second one I made for my school art program and I created it on which provides free hosting. I much prefer the weebly approach. It was simple to use, simple to update and edit and it's free. The only glitch is that your domain has the word weebly in it if you have not already purchased your domain. It sounds like you already own your domain, though so you won't need to include the weebly in your websites name.</p>

<p>The Godaddy site I have is so cumbersome to update that I never do it. As soon as my contract runs out, I'm going to redo it in weebly.</p>

<p>Thanks everyone -- I appreciate the ideas. It's good to hear from people who have actually created a website. Lots of good tips.</p>

<p>My reference for all things computer is They have editor and user reviews, and it's a safe place to download. I just did a quick search for website creator, and came up with this highly rated software:</p>

<p>SiteSpinner</a> - CNET</p>

<p>There is a 15-day free trial and it costs $49. At the bottom of the page are links to other popular programs in this category.</p>

<p>Internet Planners gives me my domain name and Nearlyfreespeech hosts my website. Chosen by my computer geek son a few years ago. Had used godaddy previously.</p>


<p>Another vote for weebly. I’ve created several sites using them. They have free domains if you don’t need/want to purchase one (has weebly in the url). I purchase domains on godaddy and then develop the sites with weebly.It’s very user-friendly.</p>

<p>I agree that weebly is quick and easy. We switched from our antiquated FrontPage software to weebly a few years ago, though we retained godaddy for hosting. The free weebly option provides everything our small non-profit needs.</p>