How to deal with high SATS low GPA.

<p>Do athletics help one make up for poor grades if they are in the top 30 in the country.</p>

<p>For instance if one was a legacy who had a sibling at Harvard, yet they had a lower end GPA of the applicant pool. Numerous AP tests and classes, were a URM African American and had an SAT around 2240, what would the chances be of acceptance.
I will Outline this below for those who want to glance quickly.</p>

<p>South Dakotan African American Male
2240 SAT
SATII: World History: 780
US History: 760
Biology: 790
Chemistry: 770</p>

<p>GPA: UW: 3.70
GPA W: 4.10
Rank: 38/496
Major: African American Studies, Women and Gender Studies.
Debate and Oral Interp: 4 Years
Cross-Country: 4 years. was 13th at Reigonal Footlocker's last year. Am sure I will qualify to nationals this year since I ran the race with a stressfracture.
Started own tolerance and acceptance organization.
Started own organization promoting community awareness of environmental health, and has raised over 15k towards community clean up projects.
Over 1,000 Community service hours.
Interned for Tom Daschle's campaign
17 AP tests
5's: Psych, Environmental Science, World History, Macro Econ, Micro Econ, Chemistry, Biology, Human Geography
4's: US Gov, US History, Euro History, Statistics, Art History, English Language, English Lit and Comp,
3's: Spanish Language, Computer Science AB
Also I have two credits from the Harvard SSP: A-, and a B+</p>

<p>Also the GPA is low due to my Sophmore year when I was diagnosed with narcolepsy that severly hurt my grades untill I recieved proper medication near the end of the year. Yet had a 4.0 frosh year and those after it. Also I recieved a C in Alg II.. Will this effect my chances even though I scored a 790 on it during the SAT?</p>

<p>Looking for chances at Harvard EA**, Yale, Pton, Rest of Ivies, Stanford, University of Washington St. Louis, Emory, Duke, NYU, Northwestern</p>

<p>You have an incredibly nice chance. Make sure that in your recommendation from your counselor that he/she recommends your problem during your sophomore year and u will be a sure shot.</p>

<p>You doing track? I'd assume, considering your skill in XC. How's the season?</p>

<p>Anyways - yah - your stats are very similar to mine in terms of test scores and GPA issues - other than you seemed to just take every AP offered. Nice.</p>

<p>I think you really do have a good chance. Make sure you talk to the coach, who has a little sway, and write a good essay! That's basically all you can do - these admissions seem to random now a days.</p>

<p>Bad I pulled my hamstring last week :-X</p>


<p>Oh note that 4 of those tests I had to teach myself.. 3 of those being sophmore year.</p>

<p>You're pretty deterrmined person it seems, i'd say you have a great chance at all of those schools</p>

<p>what would my chances be at HYPS?
Would it be any higher since I am a URM from South Dakota?</p>