How to decide

<p>My son has an athletic scholarship to play football.The problem is that now after being at school only a few weeks he says he hates football and doesnt want to play anymore. He wants to leave and try to attend a different school and work to pay for it. What should I tell him.</p>

<p>at this late date, most likely he has to take a gap year or goto cc, even at cc, most of the classes probably have been taken. worth trying.</p>

<p>I am actually thinking about trying to talk him out of it. I think he will thank me later.</p>

<p>He's probably having a crisis of confidence, as he navigates his way into a bigger pond. I'd try to convince him to stick it out a little while longer. These early days of conditioning drills are no fun.</p>

<p>And he's not really at school yet, right? It's still just preseason?</p>

<p>Did the team give him an upperclassman mentor? I'll tell him to hang with the upperclassmen for a few more weeks and try to stick it out. </p>

<p>At this level, the conditioning is really hard, physical work. And it's beyond what most freshmen have ever done or experienced. The fun part is ahead.</p>