How to defer for 1 year?

So excited, my DD got into the 3 art schools she applied to (even dream school), offered scholarships and aid at all 3, she would like to defer to one while she does a gap year. I am having her talk to her counselor but wasn’t sure how best to request a deferral? Two allow deferrals, one she will have to decline this year so scholarship $$ can go to a student for 2019/2020. Any advice? she will travel and work in one location, and also come back and visit my Mom who is ill.

she needs to contact the admissions office of the school she DOES want to go to and ask for a deferral.

She needs to make sure her scholarships will defer also, as a separate issue from admission. She should make sure she has everything in writing.

Thank you. It says she needs to pay deposit and send letter and they need to approve deferral. Deposit is $500 so we are going to pay it. I am just having her counselor help her word the letter so it doesn’t reflect against her.