How to do pre-Nursing/PA/etc?

Our DD (still in HS) is interested in non-MD healthcare careers, including nursing, physician assistant and physical therapy. All of those grad programs have prerequisites that include human anatomy and human physiology with labs. The Tufts pre-health advising web page lists the courses that students should take for these requirements. However, the physiology course they list (bio 9) is no longer offered. We have been unable to find a replacement in the catalog, but then we are certainly not experts. Does anyone know if there is a replacement course?

It makes sense for DD to focus on schools that offer the classes she needs, so any info would be much appreciated


What do you mean “no longer offered”? Maybe it’s just not offered this semester or this year. I highly doubt that Tufts does not offer every course needed for any post-grad education for any health/medicine career. If you need to be sure, your daughter should email the department and ask.