How to enter UW prepared?

<p>What are some of the best ways to enter UW academically prepared?? Should I enroll in the Early Fall Start Program? Or should I take multiple classes at a local community college for much less? Or some other program better than EFS and summer classes at community college??</p>

<p>This is extremely important to me because I would like to graduate on-time or have extra time to try new/other things. Any kind of advice/tips will be greatly appreciated-especially from current UW students! Thank you!!!</p>

<p>The writing course in EFS is meant to bridge the gap between high school and college writing.</p>

<p>Creating a graduation requirements spreadsheet will help you graduate on time. Update it every quarter and fill it with the classes you might take for your major(s). Revise it if you change majors. You need a plan, updated every few months, to graduate on time!</p>

<p>Get a book on preparing for college, like Navigating</a> Your Freshman Year: How to Make the Leap to College Life-and Land on Your Feet (Students Helping Students) (9780735203921): Students Helping Students: Books</p>

<p>How helpful is the EFS writing course? I too think the price is too much for a 5 credit course.</p>

<p>I concur. EFS classes are too expensive..</p>

<p>Seriously, as a current student, the best way I found was learning through someone who had already done it all. When you guys sign up for classes, check the husky mentors box. It'll give you a personalized upperclassman (like myself) who will show you the ropes, be there to talk with you, give you advice, grab a cup of coffee if you need to talk and/or just pointing you in the right general direction.</p>

<p>I just graduated from UW</p>

<p>I didn't do EFS, but I heard really good things about it from people who did. If anything, you get a head start in meeting a lot of new people in a quieter, less hectic setting, and you have lots of time to hang out with those people before fall quarter starts and things get busy. </p>

<p>I really wouldn't worry about being under-prepared for college. I think you will be surprised at how quickly you get the hang of things and figure out the ins and outs of homework, midterms, finals, papers, etc. I know it sounds like it will be hectic, but if you are smart about it, you should have plenty of time to just relax and have some fun as a freshman.</p>

<p>Thank you everyone! Keep those valuable advices coming :)</p>