How to figure out how much funding a lab has?

<p>I am trying to decided between different labs and am curious to see how much funding a particular faculty member has received during their career. I know there are websites I can go to for this (I've seen them before), but I can't remember what they are. Thanks!</p>

<p>Google the professors name and the research projects.</p>

<p>Most professors give project reports which they submit online too.</p>

<p>Inbtw very smart strategy</p>

<p>For NIH-funded researchers, there's [url=<a href=""&gt;]RePORTER[/url&lt;/a&gt;]. I don't know if there's something similar for NSF.</p>

<p>Thanks guys. RePORTER was exactly one of the ones I was looking for. There is one similar for NSF, but I was also able to find another EXTREMELY useful search engine that finds funding from NIH, NSF, CDC and FDA: enGrant</a> Scientific: Search. I hope this info helps anyone else trying to decide among schools and PI's.</p>